Akiane Kramarik Speaking Of Jesus

Akiane ~ Speaking of Jesus

My relationship with Jesus
remains one of pure Wonder, Humbleness  and  Gratitude.

My personal views on Jesus have only matured
and deepened since age 4
…as I grow
I see how Vast and Unlimited His Love is.

Jesus is Love
He is the Only Way to God ~ the only way to Heaven and Joy

Only Love
can bring us closer to God’s
Almighty Truth, Wisdom and  Happiness

… about my faith
I alone know how important Jesus is for me …
… instead of writing it is best for me to express
through my personal connection ~ Art.

Although I have forgotten
many of my early heavenly encounters,
my recent visions continue
in a special way.

I portray Jesus how I see him
as human and as Divine.

I have painted about 10 paintings of Jesus
including his mother Mary.

and many paintings and of His creation.
Jesus remains my Highest Authority, Love, and God

My art is only a representation of what I see …
~ Jesus’ Glory is beyond any description!

I pray every day
that people will one day find and follow Jesus,
his teachings
feel his Love.

~  Akiane ~